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Daniel Pink's: A Whole New MindI’m reading Daniel Pink’s: A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future for my Creativity and Right Livelihood class this semester. This week we had to read Chapter 6 – Symphony and do one of the exercises from the end of the chapter. Daniel defines symphony as:

the ability to put together the pieces. It is the capacity to synthesize rather than analyze; to see relationships between seemingly unrelated fields; to detect broad patterns rather than to deliver specific answers; and to invent something new by combining elements nobody else thought to pair. – pg 130

I think symphony is something I do reasonably well but there is always room for improvement! I chose the inspiration board exercise (pg 154). I chose it because I wanted to do something artsy but within my reach and produce something that would inspire me and hopefully others too. Given the rudimentary nature of my artistic abilities (I can use scissors), I went and scrounged a pile of magazines from upstairs and began to flip though them looking for inspiring imagery. I wasn’t that successful in finding much in the way of images but I did find a few – enough to get started. The magazines I found were text-heavy so this is what emerged:

Justin's Inspiration Board

It turned out to be a text and visual synopsis of the world I feel called to create. I hope you find a little inspiration in what emerged.


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