I love my bike but Amtrak doesn’t

On my handbike leaving BGI Campus

Since the engine of my veggie-powered truck died, I’ve been graced with the opportunity/necessity to ride my bike more. The above pic was snapped as I was leaving the first BGI intensive of the year on Bainbridge Island. I took it down with Amtrak on the train, then ferry hopped and pedaled over to campus from downtown Seattle. The round trip was delightful except that the train didn’t really have surplus space to store my handbike. The baggage folks were not stoked. It turns out the long-haul trains have enormous baggage compartments but commuter trains are more limited in the baggage they can accommodate. They will take normal bikes which can hang in a rack but can’t deal with recumbents.

On the upside, the inside layout is incredibly accessible compared to my multiple cross-country trips with VIA Rail. The hallways are also wide enough for me to pass through in my chair and they even have fully accessible washrooms on board. So other than the handbike constraint, train travel has been by far the most comfortable way to get to school.

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