Sacred Activism by Andrew Harvey

Sacred Activism DVD by Andrew HarveySacred Activism is a phrase coined by Andrew Harvey. I first heard it defined in a recorded audio lecture from Institute of Noetic Sciences in 2006. After a briefly hearing Andrew speak, I realized we share a similar wavelength and vision of the future.

In his lecture he describes the era we are living in as he sees it. He then goes on to encourage all of humanity to commit themselves to picking one or two issues that cause one to feel great heartache knowing they exist in the world. After clarifying what really matters, he encourages everyone to commit their life to become part of the solution.

I am absolutely inspired to evolve systems and economies that are thriving in harmony with the natural environment. In particular, I have chosen to work on the interrelated issues of global warming, peak oil and how these will challenge our current systems of food production and distribution in the near future. Other issues I like to work on are ending factory farming and eliminating disposable goods that clog our landfills. Recently, the Tar Sands project in Alberta has come to my attention as something that must be massively improved if it is going to continue. My limited time at BGI has opened me to start thinking about how I can help in the field of Social Justice with those struggling at the bottom of the economic pyramid.


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