Configuring svnX on Mac OS X

1. Create a folder somewhere you like to keep documents that will hold all revision controlled files. I created the ‘ALP’ folder below.
Create Folder for Subversion Files
2. Start svnX (it should be in Applications)Start svnX

3. Load Repository Window. If the repository window is not visible it can be loaded by navigating to Window –> Repositories.Repository Default
4. Configure Repository (the server where the files permanently live).Repository Configured
  • Name: A descriptive name
  • The path:
  • Your username
  • Your password
5. Double click on the URL configured in the upper scrollable pane to launch the repository browser.
6. Click the svn checkout button (left hand, big green arrow in the top right corner of the window). Browse to the folder you created to store the local copy of your documents and click open. This will do two things: download the files from the server to your machine and open a small window titled “Working Copies”. The Path field should be filled in for you already. Change the name to match the name in the repositories window (not required but makes sense to do). Fill in your username and password.
Working Copy Default
Working Copy Configured
7. My next post will cover how to use svnX!

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