Green Power for Residents of BC

Wind TurbineBC Hydro has a Green Power program available to businesses within British Columbia. From their website:

“Power Smart Green Power Certificates (GPCs) are a simple, practical way for your organization to ensure that your electricity use is environmentally friendly.

BC Hydro has purchased Green Power, at a premium, to supply the GPC program. The more GPCs that are purchased by B.C. organizations, the more Green Power BC Hydro can continue to buy, to add to the grid, which will protect the environment for all British Columbians.”

This is awesome that BC Hydro offers this option to business but I would to see it opened up to residents so we all have a choice where our power comes from.

Louise Graham is the contact person at BC Hydro for this program and her response to my request was:

Thank you for enquiring about BC Hydro Green Power Certificates (GPCs). At present, GPCs are only available to business customers. A residential offer is under review. I can add your name on the contact list to advise you of new developments.

Can all residents of BC who would like to see Green Power offered to residents send Louise an email: louise[DOT]graham[AT]bchydro[DOT]com and ask when BC Hydro will be offering Green Power to residents.


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