New Years Insight

The day after new years, in a moment of receptive consciousness I had an interesting affirmation emerge in my mind. To understand it as I do, requires elaborating on the idea of edges from permaculture. The saying that is commonly tossed around in permaculture circles is: “the edge is where the action is”. Edges in permaculture are transitions between systems. They exist in both the natural and built environment. The edge between a pond and land, the edge between a forest and a field, the edge between inside and outside of a building, etc.

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Community Resilience

As part of my social web for social change class at BGI I get to choose a topic and research it during the semester using the tools we are learning about in class. Since my team marketing plan this term is looking at becoming a developer of resilient, sustainable, living communities I want to use this opportunity to “feed two birds with one seed” thereby enriching the plan and meeting the requirements for this course. I’m going to start down the path of defining resilience in the context of community development as well as look for strategies to increase community resilience.

I’m particularly interested in how changing patterns of community and evolving our construction techniques can create true resilience through:

  • increasing community-scale self-reliance for food and energy
  • uncoupling from the fossil-fuel economy
  • downplaying the importance of money in peoples’ lives

My hunch is that such an arrangement will also provide regular opportunities for growth, self-actualization and connectedness with others and nature.

It’s going to be a rich semester!