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My Intentions for Running as Green Party Candidate

Justin Tilson - GPO Candidate for Algoma-Manitoulin Provincial ElectionI’ve had inklings of interest to involve myself politically but have generally carried a belief that the bureaucratic nature of government simply moves too slowly for me to joyfully contribute and create within. Instead, I’ve felt that I could make a larger positive impact in my community through green and social entrepreneurship. So that’s what I have been doing: figuring out how I can make a successful living while contributing to a healthier, sustainable and resilient community on Manitoulin Island.

At the same time, I try to challenge my biases and beliefs on a regular basis and the opportunity to actively participate in the upcoming election seemed like the opportune way to do just that. So here I am, Green Party of Ontario Candidate for the upcoming provincial election on October 6th. This is new ground for me and I welcome any constructive feedback on how I can best be and act in this capacity.

Before I engage in anything I try to clarify my intentions upfront. To date, they are:

  • Promote the Green Party of Ontario as a viable and capable political party
  • Promote the Green Party values as guiding principles for a healthy and abundant future
  • Promote community owned and managed businesses and cooperatives to be the stewards of local resources and the generators of economic resilience
  • Promote ways to decouple human activities from the fossil-fuel economy
  • Connect with communities and individuals throughout the riding to learn what issues are important and poorly addressed
  • Do my best to expand the quality of the dialogue on difficult, divisive and contentious issues
  • Contribute feasible and sustainable solutions that the other parties may not be considering
  • Challenge the status quo belief that a perpetually growing economy is the only way to a prosperous future

So there we are. Let’s see where it all goes. I feel blessed for this opportunity to grow in new and unexpected ways and I welcome your participation along the way.

Green Party is Kicking Ass in Vancouver Centre

There is considerable energy in the strategic voting circles to organize votes against Harper. This (kind of) makes sense (in the short term) because our first past the post electoral system is so antiquated that it will likely elect another minority Conservative government even though most Canadians don’t vote Conservative and a significant number of Canadians do not have anyone in government representing their interests. I’m undecided if it’s a good idea. No one who plots themselves somewhere in the divided centre – left can say it is without its pluses.
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