I’m an Ontario native who migrated west in 2000, landing in Vancouver in 2001. I’m currently living on Manitoulin Island, turning 5 acres of land into a permaculture homestead and education centre. I am a spiritual seeker, a web software geek, community gardener, sustainability advocate, graduate of Humber College, Royal Roads University & Bainbridge Graduate Institute. I’m a mostly vegetarian, organic, permaculture devotee, paraplegic, founder of Seva Server, part owner of Elastic Path Software and founder of Manitoulin Permaculture. If you prefer video, below is my first foray into the medium (summer & fall 2009):

If you want a little history, my old site is http://www.justintilson.com or more recently:

I’m keen on permaculture, building sustainable communities, innovating new business models and challenging the consensus reality. My proclivity for the uncommon has led down the rabbit hole of plenty of esoteric spiritual traditions, crop circles, UFOs, etc, etc.

My aim in this lifetime is to become as conscious as possible. Whether this includes a full awakening, we have yet to see. As becoming conscious will have a different meaning for everyone, let me try to explain my understanding of it. I believe that we have come to this planet to evolve ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is my aim to develop these aspects of my being so that I can refine the traits of clarity, wisdom, integrity, knowledge and the capacity to serve. My motivation is two-fold. First, I have an intrinsic desire to become conscious and second, I feel a very immediate need to actively participate in the evolution of society before we collectively turn Earth into a toxic waste dump. It is my intention to contribute to the evolution of the planet so that we may come to live in harmony with each other and the biosphere. I see this as essential, especially before we develop the capacity to venture out beyond our solar system.


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