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kiva.org Enables Third World Entrepreneurs with Micro Loans

KIVA Microfunds are building on the success of the microcredit banking model created by the Grameen Foundation. KIVA is leveraging all that is great about the internet to fund poor entrepreneurs in third world countries by matching philanthropic microlenders with third world entrepreneurs in need. Their simple to use website lets you search entrepreneur’s profiles and make $25, $50, $75 loans to the entrepreneurs of your choice.


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Geo-tagging WordPress Posts

I installed the Geo & Plug ‘n’ Play Google Map plugins so I can geo-tag my posts. You can see it working here: http://shibumi.net/appropriate-technology/high-tech/web/geo-tag/.

I tried several different google maps plugins and this combo was the only one that worked. Install Geo first, then Plug ‘n’ Play Google Map. You can use Google Maps or Free Geocoder to find your logitude and latitude.


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Sharing Backyards in Greater Vancouver

Praise for Google Maps and a little creative use of their free API! This excellent website visually displays people in Vancouver with yards who would like a garden alongside those who want to garden but don’t have a yard.


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Web Directions North

I just landed from the vortex of Web Directions North, a web design conference here in Vancouver. Thanks to Elastic Path for sponsoring my attendance and providing the opportunity to learn from some of the web industry’s thought leaders.

It was inspiring to listen and learn from some of the people actively involved in evolving the Internet. Topics covered the gamut of issues from accessibility issues for disabled users, designing for usability, mapping frameworks, AJAX, microformats and mashups.

I found the talks on usability, microformats and mashups to be the most relevant for my world.

What are microformats, might you be asking? From their website:

Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards.

Microformats are new on the scene and much is yet to evolve. They promise to standardize many elements in the html/css world that will make it much easier to interact with websites, both as a user and as software consuming data.