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Guerilla Garden Heaven

Guerilla Garden Heaven What an excellent weekend. I met David Tracey who is master landscape architect, apple tree expert, founder of Tree City Canada and community activist in the urban agriculture scene. I was planning to put my apple trees…

Climate Change Film Festival

Climate Change Film Festival There are numerous climate change films and talks happening this week at Vancouver Public Library: peace Justin [tags]Global Warming, Climate Change, Film Festival, Vancouver Public Library[/tags]

Multi-Fuel Stoves

Multi-Fuel Stoves My preference is with heat with fire as it cozy and runs on renewable resources. The tradeoff is the amout of effort and time it takes to keep the fire going. This is not as big a deal…

Web Directions North

Web Directions North I just landed from the vortex of Web Directions North, a web design conference here in Vancouver. Thanks to Elastic Path for sponsoring my attendance and providing the opportunity to learn from some of the web industry’s…

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