TWOTSM: The Way of the Superior Man

It’s been a while since I’ve had the wherewithal to put my thoughts in written form. With the completion of my MBA, moving and the passing of my dad, life has been full enough that I felt the need to retreat from online life. Having moved to OUR Ecovillage for the winter, I am starting to feel my batteries receiving the deep recharge they have been longing for, for some time. Life is simple here: regular council, pitch in with chores, keep the fire stoked, share meals and balance working on personal and community projects.

I’m starting to feel the energy to turn my attention inward, seeking to integrate remaining, troublesome aspects of my shadow that have remained elusive. This itch led me to Banyen Books last time I was in Vancouver. Of the myriad of books on the subject of relationships, male/female dynamics and personal growth, The Way of the Superior Man by David Dieda stepped forward for some reason. I’ve learned to trust my intuition in these situations as it has usually let me to interesting places. I’d never heard of David Dieda but liked the boldness of the title and upon flipping through it, was attracted to the direct, clear transmission on living as a conscious, loving, intentional and powerful male. I’ve had some exposure to similar teachings in Yoga and through other teachers and this book seemed like a worthwhile next step. As a way of getting my writing brain back in gear, I plan to write on the chapters that speak to or challenge me in some way. Stay tuned.

If any of you out there have read it and want to comment along the way, please do.


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