How (not) To Build a Team

Good to Great by Jim Collins I realized this semester that many of my ideals and ideas are often ahead of the curve of where many people are at. In the past I’ve operated as a solo entrepreneur so it didn’t much matter as I didn’t have to worry about merging my ideas together with anyone else’s. Now that I’m getting into a space where I want to work on larger projects that can make a difference in the world, I need to do it with others. To borrow a metaphor from Jim Collin’s book Good to Great, I would benefit from ensuring that the right people are on the bus and in the right seats before starting out. I’ve tended to go ahead without building this team and consensus first which means shouldering the brunt of the work if something is going to get done. This approach comes with a host of problems – problems and lessons I no longer want nor need to repeat. Next semester I hope to find or create the “right bus” and a seat that works for me during my last 6 months at BGI.

BJ Fogg nailed it when he said that “savoring hope is more pleasing than facing reality“. It’s time to face the reality if people aren’t ready to get on the bus.

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