Canadians: Let’s Adopt a 100 Litre Challenge

I awoke this morning with the idea of a 100 Litre Challenge. It looks like the memes driving me successfully mutated 🙂 (see my last post). James and Alisa added to the popularization of local food with their 100 Mile Diet a couple years ago. They spent a full year eating only food that was sourced within 100 miles of their home in Vancouver. Their committed actions had a significant influence on the many benefits of local eating.

I think its time for Canadians to step up to a similar challenge with fossil-fuel usage. Our politicians have proven they are simply puppets for industry and can not be trusted to enact the visionary policies required to bring Canada’s anthropogenic global warming emissions down. This is not a surprise.

So I think it is time to commit to the 100 Litre challenge. It could work like this:

  • 100 litres max for the 1st month
  • 100 litres max for the next 2 months
  • 100 litres max for the next 3 months
  • 100 litres max for the next 6 months

The transition gives people time to ease in before making the big commitment at month 6. This may not be an entirely feasible for rural dwellers but for the majority of urban dwellers it is not an unreasonable consideration. Thoughts?

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