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Green Party is Kicking Ass in Vancouver Centre

There is considerable energy in the strategic voting circles to organize votes against Harper. This (kind of) makes sense (in the short term) because our first past the post electoral system is so antiquated that it will likely elect another minority Conservative government even though most Canadians don’t vote Conservative and a significant number of Canadians do not have anyone in government representing their interests. I’m undecided if it’s a good idea. No one who plots themselves somewhere in the divided centre – left can say it is without its pluses.

I opted not to vote strategically in the advanced poll because the Liberals stand a strong chance of getting reelected so I voted with my head and heart – for Adrianne Carr of the Green Party. I think only the Green Party has a clue what is actually going down environmentally and socio-economically and can steer our society in a sane direction. The current center right government that has dominated the last century has governed society into this quagmire so I think it is highly unlikely they can govern us out of it. Anyone who thinks we can grow our economy out of the mess we have collectively created is ill-informed. If you find yourself in this camp, I highly recommend Chris Martenson’s Crash Course for a little macroeconomic lesson. Apparently others feel the same after hearing Adrianne Carr spar with some other politicians on CBC’s X-Challenge. Check out this video for the surprising results.

Harper has proven himself to be an environmental nazi, a lair and a whiner and clearly lacks the consciousness to solve the problems of the day. I don’t think the NDP or Liberals can get the job done either but they will probably do less harm. Get out and vote.

peace, in action

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  1. Hey Justin,

    I too voted with my Green heart. I thought long and hard about the campaign for strategic voting. I even sent Avaaz money for the campaign. I just couldn’t do it. I understand it – but I just couldn’t do it. In the end I live in an unshakable conservative stronghold so it didn’t really matter except to me.

    I console myself with my strong belief that how we spend our money (and our time for that matter) is a much more important vote than the one we stuff in a ballot box….as described in detail in my own blow entry…Get Back Out There and Vote!


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