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How To Get WordPress to Link to an External URL

This requires a little code hacking but it’s pretty simple. Open up: wp-includes/classes.php and find function: start_el

After the if else block that sets the value of the $css_class variable add the following code:

$url = get_page_link($page->ID);
$post_url = get_post_meta($page->ID, "url", true);
if ( $post_url ) {
    $url = $post_url;

and then remove get_page_link($page->ID) from the following line<a href="' get_page_link($page->ID) . '".... and replace it with $url: <a href="' . $url . '"

Now log in and edit the page or post you wish to specify a customized url for. Add a ‘Custom Field’ with key: ‘url‘ and a value of the full url (including http://) that you wish to send users to. The screenshot below shows the completed hack. NOTE: This will get wiped out next time you upgrade! I’ve also used the same logic to show/hide posts and pages from the menu systems.

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  1. Tim

    Hi does this actually work an not mess up the whole wordpress cms system… is there not a way that ads in a nice tab or something… as i want to link to an external url in my navs…
    please let me know ill giver it a try any way

  2. Justin

    Tim. It should work and not mess up the whole WordPress system. I’ve used it on a few sites that are strictly using the CMS functionality without any trouble – except for upgrading. To make upgrades easier I recently extracted the whole Walker_Page class to a separate file, commented out the method in classes.php and ‘require_once’ the new file at the top of classes.php. This still requires a little hassle to upgrade but not as much. If anyone else has a better solution please post it.

  3. Tim

    Hey Justin, thanks for for getting back too.. mee.. i know how spam can mess things up…

    i have found a really goo plug in on wp for this… this is only worpress blogs though…

    http://txfx.net/code/wordpress/page-links-to/ took me a while to find it in the massive amounts of google searches i did and wp searches..

    i am so bad at code so this was a simple plug in that worked and ads nice tabs and things into each post or page link.. really usefull…


    check out my blog as it has external page links to my main page i bassically am finding all the amazing things that wp can doo… what do you do with cms…

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