An open letter to Yahoo to stop hosting a climate change denier’s website

For an economics paper I’ve researched how the PR industry has influenced the climate change debate by creating denial campaigns to cast doubt on the science and urgency of global warming and how all this activity has been funded by heavily polluting industries. Following the trail of disinformation, I’ve come to learn about Steve Milloy, his website and his Yahoo store:

I find it insincere and hypocritical for Yahoo to be preaching green living and evangelizing carbon neutrality while supporting the work of a vocal climate change denier like Steve Milloy. I realize that Yahoo Stores and Yahoo Green are probably separate departments that may not collaborate on any work but this is not an adequate excuse forever, especially considering the significance and urgency of the crisis that is unfolding. All of our collective energies need to be dedicated to moving forward – creating solutions that solve the problems at hand, not dithering in indecision. These deniers have already been given far too much voice in the public realm. Please thoroughly research Steve Milloy’s background, see who is paying for his work and then decide if it is moral and just plain responsible to continue hosting his site.

In the spirit of transparency – I’ve posted this as an open letter on my blog at If you respond by email, I will include your comments there or feel free to comment directly.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Justin Tilson

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