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Elect Gregor Robertson for Mayor of Vancouver 2008

Gregor Robertson for Mayor of Vancouver 2008Gregor Robertson has decided to run for Mayor of Vancouver in the 08 civic election. This would be the best thing that could happen to Vancouver. I want to see Vancouver become one of the most sustainable, livable and vibrant cities on the planet. I believe we can develop a local economy that values well being and a society that takes care to make sure all its citizens are given full opportunity to create a better future for themselves. We need a government that is committed to transparency and community engagement. Gregor is all of this and much more. Check out his websites: Gregor for Mayor, Gregor – MLA Vancouver Fairview and join his Facebook Group.

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  1. Gregor Robertson has consistently shown himself to value consensus and sustainability. As mayor, he would restore civility between the management and workers at city hall. As a green entrepreneur, Gregor has been an example how business and sustainability can exist together. In a field of worthy candidates of all political affiliations, he rises to the top for his intelligence, humanity, and balance.

  2. Will Gregor ” jump ship ” from mayor, like he did as MLA, if something better comes along?
    Can We trust a ” ship jumper, with a history of ” ship jumping”?
    Has Gregor been diagnosed with ADHA?

    Michael Hansen

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