Biggest Meat Recall Ever

Factory PigsFor those with the stomach, this graphic video led to the largest meat recall in world history. North America has by far the most abhorrent animal husbandry practices on the planet that contribute to the spread of all kinds of health problems including ecoli, salmonella, campylobacter, not to mention the enormous contribution to climate change from clearing rain forests, methane belched and pooped out and the “modern” factory farm’s dependence on carbon intensive industrial agriculture.

If you are going to continue to eat meat, dairy and eggs, commit to sourcing it from farmers that do not employ “modern” factory methods. Animals raised in environments that allow them to express their natural instincts and fed a diet that they have evolved on will greatly lessen your chances of eating contaminated meat and will support your local farming community. It costs a little more but will alleviate enormous suffering on a vast scale. For anyone who wants a much more thorough and well referenced look at the state of food, I highly recommend John Robbins new book: The Food Revolution or Micheal Pollin’s: The Omnivore’s Dillema.


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