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Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator

I completed the Myers-Briggs type indicator for homework in my Management I: People & Teams class tonight. It was fast to complete and produced interesting results. For those who are interested, my type is INFJ (33, 25, 12, 22).

The description of INFJ here seems pretty accurate. My empathic and psychic abilities do not feel as evolved and is described at the above link. Hopefully they will develop in time. A couple more technical descriptions of INFJ are available here.

Any thoughts from those who know me?

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  1. Rachel

    there’s a great free resource at http://www.INFJ.com

  2. beth

    hahaha oh man… one of my best friends is an INFJ, and i can totally see you as an INFJ, too. isn’t mbti fascinating? we use it a lot at my job. i’m an ENTP, with some out-of-preference factors on the P. the description on that same site resonates really well: http://www.advisorteam.org/the_four-temperaments/temp_rational_inventor.html

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